Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beads, Bangles, and Bracelets, Oh My!

Bracelets and bangles are my new favorite accessory! Shangby.com just recently added a bangle category (under jewelry) and I LOVE the colors that they have added. I may be biased because I am (almost) a University of Texas alumni but the new orange bangle from Annetta is HOT! Here are my favorite orange bracelets of the moment:
So cute! There is also an army green colored bangle that has been recently added for those who prefer more earthy tones:

As i said in my last post about Spring '08 necklace trends, big bead are IN, IN, IN. Check out this white turquoise bracelet:

I love this bracelet because it goes with everything and is super trendy. It retails for $140 in the US but you can buy it at Shangby.com for only $33!! Fabulous bracelet for an even more fabulous price!

Funky Pieces

This season is all about large beads, colorful necklaces, and big bold colors. Our designers at Shangby.com stay updated on the latest fashions in the US and around the globe. There are some great new necklaces that have been added to the site during recent live events. I love this season's long hippie-like necklaces. Here are a few of my favorite necklaces that have been recently added to our inventory:

Thse necklaces would look great with a long, light summery dress or skirt. Styles like these are all over the place and you can get them at Shangby.com for a fraction of what the stars are paying for them!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mother's Day is Coming!

Mother's Day is just around the corner! I know for my friends and I, it is a holiday that is easily forgotten because of everything that is going on- classes are ending, exams are coming up, and graduation is just a few weeks away (for me yay!). Mother's Day is May 11th, less than two weeks from now. Check out Shangby.com for something special for your Moms! I got my mom some really pretty pieces myself:

She is going to LOVE the pink freshwater pearl earrings with rose quartz and the AA Long Pink pearl strand. The coral earrings and the Green freshwater pearl necklace were pieces she picked out herself. I like surprises so I got her the pink set and didn't tell her! She will be thrilled. If you like these particular pieces for your mom too here are the item number in order from left to right:
Jade and freshwater pearl necklace: Item # SHJW0110706019
Coral and gold earrings: Item # 1-Annetta20080331
Pink freshwater peal and rose quartz earrings :Item # 3-DEMI20070923-3
AA Pink freshwater pearl necklace: Item # 6-DEMI20080110

Check out our website for great Mother's day gifts! (Hint: Pink freshwater pearls are always a hit!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

UT Fashion Show!!

Tonight is the UT Fashion show! The senior designers get to show off their collections in the Erwin Center in front of hundreds of people as well as thousands more that will be watching from home as it it broadcasted on television. Shangby.com gave this year's designers the opportunity to shop live with us to give their models some BlingBling on the runway!! The team and I will be attending tonight in style! We got a limo to come pick us up and we will be VIP all night! So exciting. Here are some of the fabulous items that the designers chose from our site:

If you are an Austin resident, come by the Erwin Center tonight at 8pm-admission is free- or watch the show from home!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Items!

I recieved my Shangby Order today and my jewelry is fabulous as always! I LOVE the necklace I chose. It is so cute and purple is going to be a popular color this season! Here is a picture:

We have been adding some great new stuff for Spring lately. Linda's Pearl is our most recent addition to our great line of jewelry stores and she has some really funky pieces. Linda's is my favorite store because she like to mis pearls and stones and really create some unique pieces. I just recently bought a bracelet from her that gets compliments everytime I wear it:

I am a really big fan of bright colors this year. They are all over the runway and the stores! Check out Linda's collection on our website at:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Shopping Live for the 1st Time!

I called into ShangBy to shop at a live shopping event for the first time last week! Although I have watched many events on our site, I hadn't yet called in and shopped live myself. It was such a fun experience! I shopped with Claire during our special "Healing Powers" event at Pearls by Demi.

At first I was interested in shopping for some Jade jewelry, because Jade is supposed to bring you good monetary luck (and I sure do need some of that!) but after seeing some of the amethyst collection, I decided on an amethyst necklace and bracelet. Amethyst helps to prevent insomnia, which for me would be great because sometimes it gets hard to wind down after a busy day! Claire was so helpful and I loved negotiating my final price with the seller. I even got her to come down off of the price a few dollars!

It made me very excited about ShangBy's potential as a growing company. I am very motivated to get the word out to anyone and everyone about our live shopping events. Where else can you shop in a country across the world in your pajamas without ever leaving your house? I really am thrilled to be a part of our unique company.

Please feel free to watch one of our live events if you aren't ready to call in! Check out ShangBy.com at 9pm CST to watch or call in and shop live!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight: Healing Stones

Tonight is our special live event on stones and their healing powers! Tune in 9pm CST and shop with us! I have researched some stones that could be featured in our show and have listed their healing powers below to give you a little insight into what our event tonight is all about!

Agate, in general, can - promote marital fidelity - balance Yin/Yang energy - stabilize the aura - awaken one's innate talents - transform negativity - increase self-confidence.

Amber can - bring good luck to warriors - kindle one's awareness of and its subsequent response to choice, helping one to not only choose but also to be chosen - solidify marriage vows AND promises - transmute negative energy into positive. Amber has been called the Teardrops of the Gods, comes in various colors and often contains bits of plant and/or insect life called inclusions.

Amethyst can - stimulate common sense - encourage flexibility - help one's business affairs prosper - support sobriety and help over-come any addictions - prevent nightmares and help in the relief of insomnia. Amethyst represents the completion of the principles of metamorphosis.

Citrine can - assist one in acquiring wealth and to maintain that state of wealth - raise self-esteem - alleviate any self-destructive tendencies - attract abundance - dispel negative energy - encourage new beginnings - increase physical energy and personal power.

Coral, in general, can - quiet the emotions and bring inner peace - facilitate intuition, imagination and visualization.

Red Coral can - help one become harmonious with the natural forces of the universe and with the wilderness within one's own psyche - provide for practicality with respect to one's avocation, balancing the material with the spiritual.

White Coral can - stimulate the flow of energy - fill any voids in the aura.

Jade can - assist in dreamsolving - facilitate peace within the psyche - inspire wisdom - help in the prioritizing of one's day - provide confidence. Jade is considered to be the Stone of Fidelity whether to another person or to one's purpose in life.

Marble can - trigger unused portions of the mind - strengthen self-control - produce a nurturing earth instinct - enhance common sense in matters of the home, the heart and one's sustenance - help in recalling dreams.

Moonstone can - alleviate emotional tension - protect travelers - assist one realize the total fulfillment of one's destiny - stimulate rejuvenation - alleviate degenerative conditions. Moonstone is considered to be a Stone of Good Fortune.

Opals can - aid an individual's progress, expansion and development - help access one's spiritual or animal guides - clear and brighten the aura - magnify thought processes as well as actions both positive and negative - produce stability in one's life - provide an unobstructed path to advancement.

Pyrite can - promote the recall of beautiful memories of love and friendship - help one to see what lies beneath the surface of words and actions - help to shield one from many forms of negative energy - sustain health as well as intellectual and emotional well-being.

Quartz, in general, can - amplify both the energy of the body and of the mind - amplify the effects of other stones and the energies of those working with them for healing purposes - bring the energy of the stars into one's soul. Quartz is widely recognized as THE Stone of Power.

Rose Quartz can - reinstate self-love - help heal emotional wounds - release sorrow, fears and any suppressed feelings - bring calmness and clarity.

Rutilated Quartz can - stabilize marriages and relationships of any kind.

Smokey Quartz can - dissolve any negative energies or emotional blockages - act as a stone of protection - stimulate stability and responsibility - increase endurance. Smokey Quartz has a prolonged, intense energy which makes it an excellent grounding stone.

Topaz (Smokey) can - promote individuality and creativity while providing for confidence in trusting one's decisions - act to replace negativity with love and joyfulness - help in visualization - help one break through the veils of uncertainty - help release doubts.

Blue Topaz can - help one see that all things are equally important in life.

Tourmaline, in general, can - provide insight in times of struggle - help one to believe in the inner world as much as in reality.

Green Tourmaline can - help in visualization - attune the energies between the third-eye and the heart - help teach one to see with the heart - inspire creativity and the manifestation of goals.

Turquoise can - help ground as well as protect - help one gain spiritual attainment - help in creative problem-solving - facilitate communication - strengthen one's connection with others - protect travelers - heal the spirit - guard both the body and the soul - aid in vision quests.

Visit www.ShangBy.com tonight and call in!